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Understanding Collagen

You may have read or heard about collagen being taken orally, or perhaps injected into the faces of women seeking youthful skin.

What many women don't know is that collagen is produced naturally in our bodies, and there are therefore ways to stimulate its growth rather than force substitutes into us.

How Collagen is Used

Collagen is a protein which makes up anywhere from 25-35% of our body's overall protein content. It is the main composition of connective tissue, and is also found in other areas of the body such as muscles, bone, and blood vessels. Other than water, collagen is the most important substance within our body.

One of the main reasons signs of aging surface is the degradation of collagen as we grow older. When we are young, our bodies produce collagen quite easily, but as time passes (after the age of 25 to be exact) our body's collagen stimulation slows. This causes the skin to wrinkle, hair to thin, and bones to become vulnerable to free radical damage.

The older we get, the less collagen is produced, and this unfortunate fact is what opens the door for anti-aging products and treatments to swoop in and save the day.

Ways to absorb collagen

In the health and skincare industry there are a number of products which stimulate the production of collagen in the body. Ranging from capsules, to topical creams, these products aim to help the body grow its own collagen, slowing the interior and exterior aging process.


Now there are many ways these supplements are created. Some capsules utilize collagen cells derived from mammals and fish, which places collagen directly into your system. There are also stem cells, and collagen cells taken from fruits and vegetables, often used in topical creams. Either way, the benefits of these products are astonishing. They are proven to help not only the skin, but bone disease, hair growth, muscle stability, and many more

Mixing these foods into your diet, and using creams and supplements as you grow older will keep your skin firm, and your body in great condition. It is important to keep collagen levels high because without it, free radicals will run rampant, tearing apart cells and accelerating damage to our skin.

The benefits from collagen are incredible, as it aids in practically every health problem one can encounter. There is no need to go through dangerous injections or fillers when the answers to staying young have been around for generations. The only difference is, through the scientific research we are able to conduct in the modern day, fighting the signs of aging is easier than ever!


The other way to obtain natural collagen stimulation is through your diet. Foods such as dark green vegetables, which are rich in vitamin C, produce large amounts of collagen. Also any ingredient packed with Omega-3 such as salmon, and flax seeds will leave your skin smooth and hydrated because Omega-3 sparks collagen production. Lastly, sulphur, which is found in food such as black and green olives, celery, and cucumbers are very effective at stimulating collagen.

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